Day Four on Our Journey to New Mexico: Finally There!

After 4 long days of driving, we finally made it to our destination!

Day four brought us from Oklahoma City, OK all the way through the top of Texas and finally into New Mexico. Oklahoma and Texas were 2 interesting states. The trip brought us through the high plains and the landscape around us got dryer and dryer. A while after we entered Texas we came across an awesome rest stop/welcome center. It afforded some awesome views of the land around it.


We also came across this warning:


As if we weren’t already afraid of come across rattlers, right?

Finally we crossed the boarder into the state that was to become our new home, New Mexico!


Roswell, New Mexico and the folks at Tabernacle Baptist Church have been so welcoming to us. It is turning out to be a very interesting and delightful place to live! Soon we’ll post more photos and updates about our new home and new friends so stay tuned!

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